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Sugar Bowl (5oz) - Stainless Steel Table Serverware


  • BUILT TO LAST: The hand-polished, high quality stainless steel doesn’t just look stunning—it offers up unrivaled durability that means delicious coffee, delivered every day for years.
  • EASY ON THE EYES: This sugar bowl easily please your palate, but more than that, they’re lovely to look at. With their clean, elegant aesthetic, classy curves, and mirror-like polished exterior, they seamlessly fit into any kitchen—and any life with quality.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR NEEDS: Meet the sugar bowl that can’t wait to wake up your morning routine. Its snug-fitting lid ensures fresh, clumpless sugar, whenever you need to sweeten things up. By offering two different sizes, you can pick your own perfect size to your daily needs.
  • MONEY SAVED, EVERY MORNING: Say bye-bye to the barista at the coffee shop drive through, because now you have the ability to make your coffee just the way you like it, from the comfort of your kitchen (and pajamas). It’s all about saving money, every single day, when you craft your perfect cup at home. The best part? You don’t need to sacrifice any of the sweetness.
  • START YOUR DAY THE ELEGANT WAY: With a coffee serving set that looks this good, you can bet that starting your day the Minos way means putting your most fashionable foot forward. From a perfect pour of cream to a sweet sprinkling of sugar, you’ll be able to tackle the world, one stunning sip at a time.