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About Us

Achieve your most ideal living space with the touch of Minos. It adds to that elegant and graceful aesthetic you've always wanted in your cozy and warm home.

Minos is passionate about bringing out special moments and valuable stories between your favorite cup of coffee with a modern take on coffee brewing in your stunningly designed Minos Moka Pot.

Renowned for stainless steel coffee equipment, Minos strives to provide an exceptional level of quality in its products from manually burnishing to polishing to give you an incredible experience and satisfaction. Just as the very essence of coffee and cuisine, Minos never stops pursuing new design ideas for the elegance of life.

Minos is devoted to creating a unique and exquisite design, offering a vast array of upscale products to satisfy your excellent taste; realizing your unique imagination of luxurious living space. Among Minos’ collection, you can find novel, avant-garde design as well as romantic and balmy style.

Under the premise of quality assurance, Minos’ products undergo several levels of quality checks to ensure all products meet and exceed your expectations. In addition, Minos hopes to provide a customized service, to ensure you can have that perfect living space.

Hold on to your cultural taste, let Minos build your invaluable lifestyle.